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Wireless Automation Products


Smart Sensor Series

The Door/Window Sensor detects & emits wireless signals on the opening & closing of your doors/windows. This can be used as an alert on your Hogar SE App and to trigger & automate multiple other smart devices connected to your Zigbee Gateway & App. The Door/Window Sensor uses the principle of magnetic control and triggers a wireless signal as soon as the magnet is separated from its main body by a certain distance (about 20mm)

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Retrofit & Easy to install
  • Works seamlessly with your Zigbee Controller.
  • Alerts available on your Hogar SE App whenever the battery power is low.
  • Interlinks with other Zigbee Smart devices connected via the Hogar SE App. This allows you to automate multiple devices based on the opening & closing of your doors/windows as per your needs.

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