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Smart Remote Series

EEVA is a sleek looking hands-free voice enabled universal remote that lets you replace all your remotes and lets your VOICE control all your TV’s, AC’s, Fans, Music System & much more. It works on WIFI and emits 360-degree IR to control all your appliances at the tip of your tongue.

  • It lets you additionally control all your appliances though your Hogar SE App, apart from your VOICE.
  • Apart from just switching ON/OFF your devices, you can even command EEVA to “Change Channel to HBO” or “Set Temp to 22 degrees” and it will be done.
  • Since, it has Alexa Built-In, you can access all the Alexa features. So next time, you say,” Hey Alexa, read my book” and be ready for Alexa to greet you with the same.
  • EEVA also supports a host of local Indian languages as well. So, next time when you command “Alexa, temp 22 pe set karo”, it will set your AC to the given temperature.
  • EEVA is also interoperable with other SMART devices through your Hogar SE App. This means, apart from just controlling, one can automate your TV’s, AC’s, Fan’s as well, based on the trigger sent by other smart devices (such as Door Sensor, Motion Sensor etc.….) setup on your Hogar SE App.

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