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1 IOT Store Solutions

Take full control of your home's integrated systems from lighting to sound
systems and much more
Home automation devices


1 IOT Store brings you a new generation of home safety and security solutions. Home security protect's your home from burglary, fire, flood, gas and other unwanted events. With 1 IOT Store Smart Home Solutions you can have full control over your home even when you are not there.

Smart devices


1 IOT Store Solutions allows you to see exactly how much electricity your home consumes per each device – right now. The intelligent control technology enables you to monitor and reduce energy consumption and you save money— all without sacrificing your comfort.

Smart home


With 1 IOT Store Smart Home Solutions you can remotely control and automate lighting, heating, air-conditioning, shades, home appliances, curtains.. just about everything in your home. Easily automate your home to improve comfort, usability and even save energy.

1 IOT Store

Complete automation platform including local controllers, cloud servers, user and admin applications that all work together seamlessly.
On the road, from your office or while lying on a tropical beach, you can control your home anywhere. You can have complete control of your house from the screen of your PC, 1 IOT Store phone or any other internet-enabled device.


1 IOT Store Products

1 IOT Store brings you a new generation of home safety and security.
Home Automation


Enjoy more peace of mind with 1 IOT Store enhanced wireless security system.



Efficient energy management solutions to monitor your energy consumptions.

Smart home


Designed keeping in mind the complete comfort for you and your family.



Designed keeping in mind the complete comfort for you and your family.

1 IOT Store mobile

Automation Solution
on your smarthphone

Smartphone Home Automation lets you have control on your home appliances & devices
just withyour Iphone or your Android Device.

Why 1 IOT Store

10 good reasons to choose 1 IOT Store
  • Easy Installation
  • Affordable Solution
  • International Standards
  • Scalable Integration
  • Wireless Connections
  • Energy Saving
  • Intelligent Monitoring
  • Robust & Dependable
  • Safe & Convenient
  • Complete Control - anywhere, anytime

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1 IOT Store Home Automation FAQs

Checkout our frequently asked question guide to know everything from home automation
protocols to how to turn your house into a smart home

    You just need a Wi-Fi router with an internet connection to setup our solution. This is the only requirement.

  • When we say totally wireless, we really mean it. Our Solution products are shipped with only cables or adapters. You either plug in the devices directly into power sockets or they run on battery. Zipabox/Zipatile hub, which is our central controller, connects to your Wi-Fi router using Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

    • Yes of course. Our Solution has been designed to give you that flexibility. And you don’t have to spend big bucks to get started. Buy our affordable starter kits which come pre- configured. Once you know the product, you can purchase additional devices based on your requirements. Adding a new device to your existing kit is very easy. This flexibility allows you to pay for only what you need and when you need.

    • Our Solution devices operate even without internet connectivity, as long as your phone is connected to the local Wi-Fi network. Only limitation is that you cannot control your devices from outside.

    • Only devices which need a power back-up is your our solution HUB and the Wi-Fi router. Since all the security devices are battery operated, your house will remain secured as long as HUB and Wi-Fi router are on a power back-up. A low cost PC power backup can support both HUB and the router for more than 2 hours of power cut.

    • There is no recurring cost for the zipato products. Our APP will allow you to control and monitor your devices for the lifetime once you purchase them. There is advanced features available which will be chargeable. You could choose to subscribe to them if you find them useful.

  • Our solution products have developed the complete end-to-end technology which is highly optimized for data transmission. The total data transfer (upload/download) by our solution HUB would be very less than 100MB/month, which is insignificant to impact your internet bill.

  • Our solution RF protocol provides a line-of-sight range of more than 30 meters. This means your devices will be able to talk to the Zipato HUB from any corner of the house, behind multiple walls, without any issues.

  • Our solution products have engineered a solution that safeguards your information and ensures that only you, or those to whom you grant access, will have the ability to control your devices. Zipato uses state-of-the-art encryption between devices and hub; hub and cloud service; and between mobile applications and cloud service.

  • Each battery operated device monitors its battery at a regular interval. It can accurately tell when the battery is going to be discharged. The battery health status for any device can be directly seen from the APP. But more than that, the device will proactively send alerts to the user to replace the battery. You would get enough reminders to replace the battery before it dies down.

  • Maximum of 231 devices can be controlled, however this is very much hypothetical, a typical 3 bhk home can be fully automated by only 20 devices.

  • Once our solution devices are linked to your account, nobody else can use them. If you want to re-sell or give away your devices, you will have to transfer the ownership using the APP for someone else to use your devices.

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